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Saint Malo

The city occupies a privileged place in Brittany.

Located at the northern tip of Ille-et-Vilaine, on the edge of Normandy and a stone's throw from Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo is also a springboard to ..... Continue


Cancale is just a small village on the Emerald Coast, and yet everyone who has ever been to Brittany, and more particularly to the Mont Saint-Michel side, has already heard of it. But why a small town ... Continue

The Mont Saint Michel

Before going to the Mont, take the time to prepare for your visit by stopping for a few moments at ... Continue

Le char à voile à Hirel dans la baie du Mont Saint Michel


The AVEL sand yachting school intends to initiate you and make you discover the pleasures of sand yachting in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, on the Hirel site, a 15-minute drive from Saint-Malo. This activity ... Continued

Le GR34

The GR34

La Bergerie welcomes walkers from GR34 trail.
You will find refuge at La Bergerie with a kitchen at your disposal and a survival kit for those who have nothing planned to eat.

Le Train Marin à cherrueix en Bretagne

The Little Marine Train of Cherrueix

A must during your stay, Annabelle takes you  with her tractor in the Bay to tell you the stories of the mussels of Bouchots, the fisheries  and tides. You will spend a moment out of time with breathtaking views of the Mont.

Phone: 02 99 488 488

Visite Guidée du Mont Saint Michel

Guided tour of the Mont and the Abbey

Mont Saint Michel is magnificent and full of history.

Gaëlle Lotton is a Guide Speaker on the Mont and offers you to share her knowledge of the Mont and the Abbey for 2 hours.

Gaelle Lotton Tel: 06 88 11 12 15 

La traversée de la baie à pied au Mont Saint Michel

Crossing the Bay

For more than twenty years, Romain Pilon has been sharing his passion for the Bay. Between the seals, the quicksands and the tides you will spend an unforgettable moment. 

Romain Pilon Tel: 06 74 28 95 41

Les Restaurants

The restaurants

La Bergerie has selected a number of restaurants in the region. They are all attentive and will give you the warmest welcome.

Do not hesitate to make yourself known. 

Restaurant Lists

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